Active Brands Group Acquires ColourWear

Active Brands Group Acquires ColourWear

Active Brands Group is adding the board and ski brand, ColourWear, to its roster as it expands its product portfolio.

Active Brands Group announces it has acquired the Swedish board and ski brand, ColourWear, as it continues to strengthen its position as a global distributor of consumer goods, health and sports brands.

The acquisition widens Active Brands Group brand portfolio as it enters the board and ski apparel market. Active Brands Group will accelerate ColourWear’s national and international expansion by supporting the brand’s product development, sourcing, sales, marketing and distribution.

”To date, our work has been focused on branding and design, but it is now time to take ColourWear to the next level. We are certain that the skilled team at Active Brands Group will secure fast and steady growth for the brand” says Tomas Solin, CEO at Tenson.

Founded in 2010, ColourWear was born from a desire to challenge the industry and the status-quo of the board and ski apparel market. The brand is known for its colourful designs and its strong street influences from the freeride and board culture. Following its success in Sweden, the brand has experienced rapid growth in Europe and North America in recent years.

Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren, co-founder at Active Brands Group, says “The acquisition is part of our strategy to expand our portfolio with niche brands in new markets, and we are extremely excited to bring ColourWear into the Active Brands Group family. Our expertise coupled with ColourWear’s new CEO’s extensive experience in the ski and board market – formerly at Peak Performance and Adidas – will make ColourWear ready for this new chapter and to make sure we maximize the brand’s potential.”

In 2020, ColourWear was acquired by the active outdoor manufacturer, Tenson which brought back the brand’s core values by introducing more colorful and contemporary designs for its brand’s surf-, street-, and snow wear collections. Through working closely with the ride community, Tenson built an active culture and ambassador network.

“The possibility to embark on this journey together with Active Brands Group is a great opportunity that I couldn’t resist. The potential of our brand is huge. Tenson has been instrumental in rebranding ColourWear and taking the brand back to its roots which now makes us ready for our next expansion phase together with Active Brands Group” says Finn Schottenius, CEO at ColourWear.

Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren Co-founder, Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB

About ColourWear:
ColourWear was founded 2010 in Gothenburg Sweden as a young colourful lifestyle brand with street influences with it’s roots in freeride and board culture.

ColourWear’s community has always been built around like-minded people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences – based on this the brand has developed fun lovin, sustainable and affordable functional clothing for the mountains and the streets – clothing that the community and colleagues were asking and yearning for.

Finn Schottenius CEO, ColourWear

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