Gloveglu is a global goalkeeper brand with its very heart in the first product that was launched on the market in 2012 -GloveGlu Original.

Glove Care


GloveGlu was created to address a common problem faced by goalkeepers: maintaining grip in their gloves. Founded in the UK, GloveGlu quickly gained popularity among goalkeepers and other sports professionals for its effective grip-enhancing spray. The brand has since expanded its product range to include a variety of glove care solutions. Today, GloveGlu is trusted by athletes worldwide for its innovative products that improve performance and prolong the life of sports gloves.

Enhanced Grip and Glove Care Solutions

GloveGlu offers a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance grip and maintain glove quality. Their flagship product, the gloveglu spray, instantly revitalizes the grip of any glove. Additionally, their product line includes glove wash and glove care accessories, all formulated to keep gloves in optimal condition. GloveGlu’s commitment to quality ensures that athletes can rely on their gloves for peak performance.

Keep your gloves sticky clean

GloveGlu is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for glove care and performance. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to meet high standards of effectiveness and durability. By using advanced formulas and materials, gloveglu ensures that their products deliver consistent results, helping athletes maintain superior grip and prolong the lifespan of their gloves. This commitment to quality and innovation has established GloveGlu as a leader in the glove care industry.

Grip Enhancers

GloveGlu’s grip-enhancing sprays and gels are designed to instantly improve the grip of any sports glove, providing athletes with confidence and control.

Glove Wash

Specially formulated to clean and rejuvenate gloves, GloveGlu’s wash products help maintain the quality and performance of gloves over time.


From glove bags to drying towels, GloveGlu offers a range of accessories that help athletes take proper care of their gloves, ensuring they stay in top condition.