Active Brands Group Adds Nordic Market Leader Rehband To Its Brand Portfolio.

Active Brands Group Adds Nordic Market Leader Rehband To Its Brand Portfolio.

The Active Brands Groups Scandinavia AB (ABG) has officially added Rehband, an established brand with deep Swedish heritage, founded in 1955, to its global portfolio, and will act as the brand’s exclusive distributor in the Nordic and Baltic market segments beginning 23 of June 2020.

The Active Brands Group Scandinavia has officially added Nordic market leader Rehband to the company’s growing portfolio. ABG will be the exclusive distributor for Rehband products in the Nordic and Baltic markets, bringing the company’s hand-crafted fitness and endurance gear to customers.

“Drafting Rehband to our brand portfolio is a major milestone for ABG. A milestone that doesn’t only increase the annual turnover but also enhances our cross-selling brand strategy, which makes it a great long-term brand acquisition for our distribution business,” says Pierre Garami, VP International Sales, The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB. “Having the world-renowned Rehband added to our brand mix, with its heritage from Sweden, also gives me a really good gut feeling and we are really excited to represent the brand in our markets,” Garami continued.

Rehband has built a global following thanks to its unique fusion of hand-crafted quality, European production, and Swedish design. The company’s dedicated team of R&D and textile engineers designs and develops products based on the needs and requirements of world-renowned athletes, in conjunction with direct input from the athlete. The result? Ground-breaking products for fitness and endurance needs that protect against injury and push athletes to the peak of their abilities.

“It’s our pleasure to announce The Active Brands Group Scandinavia (ABG) as distributors for the Nordics and Baltics, knowing that they always go that extra mile to get things done,” says Claudia van der Grinten, CEO Rehband Ltd. “ABG’s expertise in managing and distributing sporting goods, as well as Rehband’s fit with their current portfolio, make us confident in them as our long term partner,” Claudia continued.

With Rehband’s reputation for excellence and dedication to sustainable design and manufacturing, the company is a perfect fit for ABG. The relationship is also in line with ABG’s mission to “invest in innovative brands that improve people’s lives.”

For more information and contact:
Pierre Garami, VP International Sales

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