Swedish Distributor Behind Rehband’s New E-Com Platform

Swedish Distributor Behind Rehband’s New E-Com Platform

Rehband’s new Nordic e-commerce platform will now be launched in October 2020 and the Swedish distributor The Active Brands Group Scandinavia will be responsible for the operation. 

In June, it was announced that the Swedish company Active Brands Group Scandinavia would become the Nordic distributor for Rehband’s products. But that role has  expanded and ABG will run Rehband’s new Nordic e-commerce site  launched in October, Active Brands Group is responsible for both the platform and the ongoing operation.

– Yes, we see Rehband as a long-term partner and have chosen to build a new e-commerce platform aimed at Nordic customers. Without divulging any figures or details, the investment has been realized in a joint investment by us and Rehband, says Hélène Briggert, E-com Manager at Active Brands Group Scandinavia, to Sportfack.

The Swedish distributor also handles all warehousing (in Västervik) and is responsible for customer service in the Nordic region for Rehband, a new solution that both parties are getting behind.

"We offer Rehband a complete solution in both online sales and more intensive sales work towards the retail sector. Previously, Rehband only had one salesperson in the Nordics, so we believe we can increase their sales in the Nordics", says Pierre Garami, VP Sales Manager at Active Brands Group Scandinavia.

The focus will be on both online shopping and physical retailers. Active Brands Group Scandinavia, which is house of brands, is also responsible for Rehband sales to the Baltic states, but the online platform will so far only be available in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish territories. Rehband has also previously had local sites, but now it is a completely new platform that will be rolled out. The Swedish IT company Vendre is responsible for the technology construction behind the platform. In the larger perspective, Active Brands Group Scandinavia sees a higher value in developing an e-com solution for Rehband in particular. They want to be able to offer other brands a range of services as well, covering areas that might not otherwise be associated with a classic distributor role.

– We want an entire house where we can offer brands to either just rent a room or buy into the whole house as a complete solution. That is our business idea, says Hélène Briggert. 

For more information & contact:
Hélène Briggert, E-com Manager at The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB,

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