We Won!

We Won!

Active Brands Group (ABG) was announced to be the best distributor of 2017 by Aetrex, one of our core business pillar. With more than 200 feet scanners distributed over the Nordic countries, ABG is thankful for this prize and it shows that our hard work has paid off after 2 years of the distribution collaboration.

Founded in 1946, Aetrex is one of the fastest growing companies in the footwear industry and is widely recognized as the global leader in comfort and wellness footwear products such as orthotics. Aetrex unique patented foot-scanning technology is designed to accurately measure arch type and pressure points. In a matter of seconds the system selects the ideal orthotics insoles that you can buy on the spot based on your individual needs.

We have been a major part of a change in the sports retail when it comes to analyzing customer needs by measuring their feet pressure and providing a quick diagnosis in the store environment within orthopedics. We have together with our customers excelled at adding a value to the store experience and giving the staff the tools to share their knowledge within the importance of having good insoles. Our incredible sales force and team of orthopedics have done a fantastic job with educating the staff about the feet, the Aetrex insoles and the iStep scanner. The Aetrex collaboration will only grow stronger, with both new and existing customers within different markets and segments, so we hope that we will be able to bring home the price again next year for 2018, says Peter Hedström, CEO & Head of R&D.

Aetrex insoles are distributed by our customers Stadium, Dormy, Halonen, Länna Sport, Urban and Apotek1.

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