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Liiteguard is founded by a former professional football player and a sports physiotherapist. High performance compression products with medical and eco-friendly focus.

Building a Legacy

of Performance and Care

Liiteguard was founded by former professional footballer Christopher Geertsen and physiotherapist Nicklas Falkesgaard. Motivated by their experiences with sports injuries, they aimed to create sportswear that prevents injuries and enhances athletic performance. Since its inception, Liiteguard has focused on developing products that combine advanced materials and medical technology, ensuring athletes can enjoy their sports with reduced risk of injury. This dedication to athlete care has established Liiteguard as a respected name in the sportswear industry.

Innovative Sportswear for Protection and Performance

Liiteguard designs sportswear with a deep understanding of athletes' needs. Their range includes compression socks, base layers, and other gear, all crafted with advanced technology. These products are developed to provide support, enhance performance, and prevent injuries, using high-quality materials and innovative features.

Commiting to Quality and Innovation

Liiteguard emphasizes quality and innovation in every product. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, their sportswear is designed to meet high performance and durability standards. Using advanced materials and technologies, Liiteguard ensures superior support, comfort, and protection, helping athletes achieve their best.

Compression Socks

Designed to improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, Liiteguard's compression socks are essential for injury prevention and enhanced performance.

Base Layers

Liiteguard's base layers offer optimal comfort and support with high-quality, breathable materials, aiding in maintaining peak athletic performance.

Injury Prevention

Integrating medical technology, Liiteguard’s products provide enhanced protection and support, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring confident training and competition.